The Best Cartoons for Preschoolers

When I was a kid, we had the Smurfs, a few Saturday morning Hanna-Barbara cartoons and Looney Tunes. That was it, take it or leave it. Now I have five kids channels, and all are cartoons for at least half the day. The cartoons are extremely varied, from gentle animation and story lines to scary and slightly pornographic anime cartoons. The choice can be overwhelming, especially when the cartoons are not aimed at the same age ranges. Here is a guide to the best and the worst for the most impressionable cartoon watchers- the preschooler.

The Baby Channel

Anything on this channel is safe, and much of it is still of interest to preschoolers up to the ages of three or four. For kids above that age, it is simply boring. There is no programming on this channel that would be inappropriate for a preschooler.


Dora the Explorer

This is surprisingly not one of the best. It is simplistic and annoying- having characters who mostly just stand around yelling to each other. Preschoolers almost universally love it, and parents feel that it is “educational”, since it teaches three or four Spanish words. But the lack of imagination and innovation is troubling, and it is best avoided for more imaginative, colorful fare. If a parents pick a handful of Spanish words and use them a few times a day, kids will get the same educational effect without the glazed eyes. This is passive entertainment at its worst.

Go, Diego, Go!
This is a spin off of Dora the Explorer, and is a little more animated. This one is better if you are trying to teach imagination and creativity, but is still a little stilted.

Blue’s Clues

This perennial favorite is imaginative, uses bright colors, and has the added bonus of teaching a few basic American Sign Language words. The stories are varied, and the concept of trying to solve the question by using three clues keeps the child actively involved.


This one was very popular a few years ago, and seems to have gotten a little lost among all of the new cartoons, but is still a gem. Maisy is gently drawn and narrated, and has Maisy, a little white mouse, doing different tasks each episode. the imaginative play is reinforced with maisy dressing up in costumes, assuming new jobs, etc. There is not much educational value, but it might spark some imaginative play.

The Wild Thornberries

The cartoon often serves a bridge between the earlier young children’s programming, and the late afternoon cartoons for older children. younger children may like it for the talking monkey and the exotic animals. But this is a very tense, frightening cartoon in a lot of ways, depending heavily on cliffhangers and the characters facing dangerous situations. These are not the Dora or maisy dangers of getting lost or losing a book, the kids in this cartoon face down charging rhinos, almost drown in rivers and get trapped by brush fires. It is largely inappropriate for preschoolers, and may be inappropriate for an older child who has a nervous temperament.

The Fairly Odd Parents

The young boy and his fairy godparents look fairly benign at first, but this is a very intense cartoon full of violence, sarcasm and rude language. This one is completely inappropriate for preschoolers, and probably for anyone else as well.

A Pup Named Scooby Doo

This spin off of the original series is all right for preschoolers- the scary scenes are very cartoonish and unreal, and are not tense or frightening. It does nothing to encourage imagination and provides no educational value, but is worry-free entertainment.

Spongebob Squarepants

All kids seem to love Spongebob, and for the most part it is imaginative, it is interesting for kids and there is very little worrisome violence. This is a show, however, that has to be taken on an episode-by-episode basis. Some are completely benign and silly, and others have some rude language (put downs, etc). If this show is watched along with parents, it can be a fun experience and elicit talk about underwater environments and the habits of land and sea animals.

Max and Ruby

Arguably the best cartoon for preschoolers, it features a brother and sister rabbit and their everyday lives. The sister rabbit takes a lot of responsibility for her brother and tries to help take care of him, making him snacks, tying his shoes, etc. The two of them dress up, go for outings and generally have fun in imaginative ways. There is never any violence or sarcasm, and any problems the two of them have are resolved with patience and communication with each other. This one is a gem, appropriate for any child of any age.

The day care east gwillimbury has an important video library that shows all the classic cartoons for the entertainment of children after a hard day’s work at school on every Friday and Saturday.

BlackSite: Area 51 Review (PS3)

BlackSite: Area 51 is a First Person Shooter video game, released on Playstation 3 and created by Midway Studios. This is a really interactive and fun game that you will surely enjoy. If you need tips or recommendation for Blacksite you can click on pussy888 apk download.

Story : You’re a generic soldier who fights aliens with your squad. That’s basically the gist of it, and there’s not much else. There are a few plot twists but you will see them coming from a mile away. The characters are generally quite lame and forgettable as are most of the plot points. But, first person shooters don’t really need to have a great story so we’ll let this one slide I suppose.

Graphics : Did this game have beta testing? There were tons of graphics errors I encountered in this game, some were just unforgivable. A lot of it wasn’t just a second or two long either. There were solid stretches of times where everything was just completely screwed up graphically. What a huge miss on Midway’s part. The game ran well enough overall I guess, but there were too many errors graphically to consider this good. Most of the characters are pretty plain and not engaging. Disappointing.

Sound : Another instance of ”Did this game have beta testing?” Everything here would sound good if it didn’t skip so much. And no, it’s not an issue with my Playstation 3. The music, sound effects, voice acting are all good. But the skipping is something that just really ruins the environment and atmosphere of the game. Come on, Midway.

Game play : The controls are sensitive and responsive, just as good as any other new generation first person shooter. So in that regard, Midway finally does something right. The enemies are fairly boring to look at and nothing about them seems very memorable. The difficulty in this game isn’t very high, which can be good or bad depending on the player. You can temporarily control your squad mates but they’re pretty much useless most of the time. The worst part is for some parts of the game you need them and they randomly disappear, making it so you can never progress. If you save when they aren’t around, you’re pretty much screwed. Luckily you squad never truly dies, which is good since they’re too stupid to survive.

You have a decent variety of weapons in the game, but unfortunately most of them aren’t very good. Some don’t even hit enemies at point black range. The game is non-linear but that hardly matters since most of it looks so boring that you don’t really need to explore anyway. Some of the environment is able to be destroyed, but that’s pretty standard in games these days and doesn’t really entice you to like this game.


Video Game Reviews: Barn Buddy Online

Barn Buddy is a Facebook farming game produced by social game developer TheBroth. Barn Buddy can best be described as a Farmville clone with an easier learning curve.

In Barn Buddy, you are the owner of a new farm upon which you plant and harvest crops. Barn Buddy revolves around a simplistic cycle of leveling: buy seed / plant seed / water / wait / harvest crop. This cycle is the focal point of Barn Buddy and the primary means of gaining experience and money.

Increased experience allows you unlock different crops for purchase. The main value of different crops is that they possess varied planting times. Since time passes regardless if you are logged into the game, the frequency and amount of your playing style will dictate which crop you want to plant. Higher level crops add different choices regarding planting time and thus increase the likelihood you will be logged in to harvest your crops at the appropriate time.

The strength of Barn Buddy lies in the ease of starting the game. Other farming games have many additional features which can make it difficult for new players to begin farming. In the case of Barn Buddy, the game revolves around the standard farming cycle of leveling and there are few more complicated game elements to learn. So just like Bandar bola terpercaya, Barn Budyy is very easy to learn for beginners.

This is also a weakness of Barn Buddy as many farmers will quickly get tired of the repetitive cycle of leveling. Unlike its competitors like FarmVille and Country Life, Barn Buddy has few decorative elements. This reduces the number of creative players who enjoy decorating and re-decorating their farms.

Barn Buddy includes the standard farming game elements such as trees, animals and buildings. There are minor unique elements in these ancillary items that add to gameplay. While these elements are interesting at first, they quickly become a boring variation on the common farming cycle of leveling.

Barn Buddy does have a “stealing” feature which allows for limited theft and sabotage of your neighbors’ farms. While it theory this adds a fun twist on the standard farming game, in reality the mechanic is poorly developed and little used. Stealing from your friends is not generally considered a fun activity and it is strange that Barn Buddy creates a player dynamic which encourages de-friending certain types of players.

With the crowded landscape of farming games on Facebook, it is difficult for a game to stand out. Barn Buddy is easy to play and requires a smaller investment of time than its major competitors. The stealing game mechanic can be fun to specific types of players and the limited amount of decorative items can be fun for a few gaming sessions. However, there is not sufficient continuous, replay value to justify playing Barn Buddy as your main farming game. Serious farmers will likely enjoy Farmville and use Barn Buddy as a quick change-of-pace. Barn Buddy is fun and easy to play, but it remains a niche game catering largely to beginning farmers.

MMO of the Day: EVE Online

Nothing entices me more than a no-strings attached 14 day free trial, especially when the game is EVE Online so I had to seize the opportunity. After choosing the nation and bloodline of your character, you are either free to fly around space on your own or complete the many tutorials there are to familiarize you with the world of EVE. I opted to do all the tutorials and I’m glad I did because there was a lot to learn. There isn’t as much to learn in the case of games like Bandarqq.

There are so many different aspects to EVE Online, it’s easily one of the most complex MMOs I’ve ever played. It makes World of Warcraft look like Runescape. Your method of transportation is a spaceship in the huge universe that makes up the game. Stargates populate space acting as bridges between areas. Asteroid belts are common and are places to mine ores both common and rare. What ships are available to you can range from mining frigates, battle cruisers, destroyers, and transport ships. Controlling your ship is a simple point and click, you won’t be maneuvering with a joystick or keyboard. Depending on the size of the ship, you can equip a plethora of parts to the ship that up the attributes and turn it into a weapon. Afterburners will increase the speed of your ship, salvagers will give you the ability to salvage parts from wreckage, and rail guns, lasers, and rockets will help you defend yourself against enemies cruising space, both NPC and player.

Character skills are increased by time and time alone. You don’t level up in the same sense as other MMOs, where completing quests and killing monsters will net you experience and a level gain. In EVE Online, you have to get books that teach new skills and those skills have to be place in a queue that will increase the skill in a certain amount of time. Skills like salvaging, hacking, electronic warfare, mining, industry, and refining can be learned if the skills are in the queue even if you log out. It’s smart on the side of the developers because it forces players to log in at least once in a 24 hour period to update their queue and add more skills.

What really sets EVE Online apart from other MMOs is that so much of the economy is driven by the player, so demand for items and parts will determine their prices in the form of ISK, the game currency. Corporations are a big part of the game and it’s suggested to join one immediately to learn the ropes of the game and work with other players to make ISK. There are a number of ways to make ISK in the game and it all really depends on the players’ preference and each has a different risk level. You can enlist in the military and do missions, mine ore in asteroid belts and sell or refine the ore, you can create items like weapons and ships and sell them, you can explore the universe and find rare items and salvage wrecks, or you can become and pirate and pit yourself against other players hauling cargo that you’re trying to steal. I recommend trying out a little of everything to see what you prefer.

The game looks amazing. Everything is on a grand scale, so planets are huge, asteroids are looming, and the space stations dwarf your ship. Distance novas, deep cratered planets, and ship wreckage create an awe-inspiring game. I give this game an 8.5 out of 10 and highly recommend it to any fan of MMOs, and if you make enough ISK, you can purchase a game card and keep playing for free.

The 7 Best Free Flash Games

  1. Into Space – Some of the simplest ideas are often the best. Into Space conforms to the basic theme associated with Distance Games, that of moving some object as far as possible. Like most good games, however, that unremarkable concept has endlessly creative potential in the right hands. This is a challenging game of quick reflexes and selective upgrading to slowly steer your rocket from the launch pad, through a crowded sky of biplanes, storm clouds, UFO’s and satellites, until you reach the moon. There is no traffic control in this world so keeping your rocket in one piece until you have advanced far enough to have the fuel and thrust to breech the atmosphere is no easy task. This game has something in common with most narcotics, small and inconspicuous in appearance, but addictive as hell. For more flash games you can check out Situs Judi Bola Resmi.

  1. Super Mario Crossover – A nostalgic rehash of the classic NES game (that’s Nintendo Entertainment System for those of you just out of diapers) Super Mario Bros. The game is basically a faithful reproduction of Mario Bros., down to the last goomba, but with the added feature of different NES characters to choose from, like Mega Man or Samus, each with their own special weapons and abilities. There are a couple of versions of this, the original has graphics more faithful to Super Mario Bros., but is incomplete and is more difficult to control the characters, while the second, though with a little different graphics, has more characters to choose from and a much longer game.
  1. Dungeon King – Even most good online flash games have fairly simple graphics or game play. Despite their name they usually aren’t flashy or complicated, but involve simple 2-D worlds where the challenge is careful manipulation or proper strategy. This is not so with Dungeon King, an expansive 3-dimensional fantasy RPG that has more in common with Baulder’s Gate: Dark Alliance than with its online cousins. You must lead a single Barbarian warrior through a maze of dungeons battling creatures and collecting potions, gold and experience points. Gameplay is a little more difficult than it should be which can be frustrating at times when you can’t swing the axe the right way and you have a dozen giant spiders gnawing through your knee caps, but RPG fantasy game fans are bound to be impressed and find this game fun. The difficulty is worth it, and since you seem to have endless lives and plenty of check points it won’t set you back to far.

  1. Crush the Castle 2 – You’ll notice there is no mention of Angry Birds here, that is because Crush the Castle 2, and the original, are what Angry Birds should have been. Instead of birds with high blood pressure being shot from a slingshot at fortified pigs here you’ll fire anything from a small stone to timed bombs to acid, electric eels and enormous steel spheres and a number of intricately designed castles that become progressively more difficult to knock down. You’ll have to be creative to defeat some of these levels.
  1. Dead Zed – Just like the brain hungry beasts that have been meandering slowly through the horror genre since the classic version of them arrived in the 60s the gaming genre of zombies won’t die and any number of new and original versions are arriving online all of the time. Many of these are pretty sub-par but Dead Zed is one of the few that is both engaging, challenging and can really get your heart muscles throbbing as the monsters slowly (or in some cases, swiftly) edge their way closer to your safe house. This game is predominantly a first person shooter, but you’ll need to engage your tactical brain cells to win by sending out search parties for supplies, repairing your defenses, upgrading your firepower and dividing up the survivors depending on their skills.
  1. Corporation, Inc. – Have you ever wanted to be a cutthroat CEO with a corporation of unlimited potential collecting thousands or more dollars a day? Welcome to Corporation, Inc., where the potential growth of your push button company is limited only by your abilities as the companies leader. Create workers, janitors, IT workers, HR, research, supervisors, and accountants and promote them as needed to higher positions to run your dream company. This is a cross between a time management and strategy game because simply creating a truck load of workers and letting it go at that isn’t enough to win big. You’ll need to carefully lay out your office building, create décor and break rooms as well as well-placed elevators to keep your workers happy and keep an eye on every aspect to ensure it is as streamlined and profitable as possible. Here is the one place you can be a member of the 1%, live for profit but not worry about the moral consequences of your actions. That’s the wonder of video games.

  1. Kingdom Rush – Kingdom Rush stands in a category all its own. I won’t draw out the detail of the game aside from explaining its basics since the only way to understand how entertaining Kingdom Rush is, is to play it. This is a Tower Defense game, a genre that is inundated with mediocre and dull 2-D overhead view games that just don’t live up to your hopes. But Kingdom Rush is ‘the’ TD game. Strategically place towers with different abilities (melee, ranged, bombardment and mage) to stop the waves of progressively more difficult monsters from reaching the end of the path. Most games, even good ones, have some downside, either they’re too difficult or complex or not enough, but somehow Armor Games managed to find that balancing center that makes this game one in a million. The praise may sound a bit sickly sweet to those that haven’t tried Kingdom Rush, but give it a chance and you’ll be singing in adulation as well.

Five Creepy Forgotten PC Games

A Warning, From Beyond The Graaaaave

PC games have certainly come a long way in the two decades since the introduction of Windows to machines. Some absolutely fantastic games have come and gone, sometime falling out of public eye. As I’ve found though, just because these games are gone from the public eye doesn’t mean they’re any less effective at what they set out to do. The following are some rather strong titles I’ve had the pleasure of owning, if you’re interested in purchasing please scour around on Good Ole Games at Some of the titles may not be on there, but a few very well may be.

System Shock 2, Why is this gun broken?

Irrational are awesome, natch. They’ve got Bioshock to their credit these days, which is very much in the vein as their 1998 release System Shock 2. What separates System Shock 2 from Bioshock comes down to just how effective the actual design is some years later. Bioshock has the HD treatment sure, and does well to capture the feeling of dread and isolation, but in places I thought it was too easy. System Shock 2 has that dread and fear combined with the knowledge that your weapons may fail. Then you’re left with a piddly little wrench in the dark, listening to a cyborg without skin talking about taking your flesh to feed the little ones. Sure, you could hide, but they never really go away.

I Have No Mouth, But I Must Scream, HATE HATE HATE

Harlan Ellison’s extremely renowned short story comes to life in a game that is guaranteed to send chills down your spine. A graphical adventure with voice work by Ellison himself, the story of the last survivors on earth and their path towards something even remotely resembling redemption is haunting. Each of the survivors have their own individual stories you must play through, Nimdok’s comes to mind as something you really have to play to believe though. Surprisingly adult, it really defies the stupid notion that games are just for kids. It may be hard to run on modern machines, but you can very easily run this through DOSBox if you see fit.

Alien vs Predator 2000, Game over man, game over!

I’m a huge Alien fan, I’ve been in love with the franchise since I was able to conceive nightmares. Alien vs Predator is a classic release that only really embraces the crushing loneliness and the constant fight for survival that the first film made famous, while going about it as a badass Colonial Space Marine. Your pulse rifle will run out of ammunition at some point, and those nasty Xenomorphs never stop coming. The impossibly scary parts come from just how black the darkness gets and the click click click of your motion tracker as another pair of them come your way. This was recently given a release on Steam for a mere pittance and may actual be the easiest game to snag on here. I do believe they’re charging less than five dollars for this fantastic game.

Thief 3, You’ll Know it When You Get There

Thief 3 isn’t necessarily a game with horror completely on the brain, instead it has one set piece that serves as an utter nightmare which can out do dozens of games that try really hard to be scary. The Cradle, an abandoned orphanage/sanitarium serves as something far beyond the usual limits of design. Everything from the actual creeping dark to the sounds of whispers and pounding walls do everything to set your teeth on edge. As you escape you may not be really sure if you ever did leave, but there’s a reasons essays have been written on just how fantastic this part of Thief 3. Forget your standard horror games where you’re tossed a million bullets to wade through the walking dead, Thief 3 makes sure you know how helpless you are. This thankfully still runs on my Windows 7 rig, I’m planning on not getting any sleep very soon.

They Hunger, this one’s free!

Half-Life is still home to hundreds upon hundreds of user made modifications. This little one taking place in the midst of the zombie apocalypse is surprising just how effective it is. Zombies don’t really adhere to the standard rules and everything is just so dark, the sense of dread instilled is fantastic though. Since this is free and I think toasters come with Half-Life installed by default you should just take your own sweet time to give it a shot.

Closing Remarks, From Beyond The Graaaaave

Yeah, lame joke, sorry, but anyways you’ll find that games from over ten years ago are still pretty fun to play. Especially if you’re willing to let something like superb audio design scare the pants off of you. The graphics may seem a little dated, but that’s alright, in ten years I’m sure Dead Space will seem a little dated to whatever fantastic doo dad we’re playing with then. Anyways, good hunting for some of these titles, they seem to be still waiting for players to give them a shot.

The above mentioned games are considered forgotten. It’s like gaming tshirts that you were wearing in the old times. But the good thing is, new games with better qualities are being introduced to the market today.

The History Of Runescape Cheating

Runescape 2 is a java-based MMO developed by Jagex ( that was released in January of 2001. Andrew Gower, the English creator of Runescape 1 and Runescape 2 has taken this game so far, making it a top-of-the-market game which features pvp, rpg, and more skills and things to do than in any other game. But all players of this fantastic game have noticed one central problem with the gameplay, and that is the time it takes to level up and make money. This has caused many players to either quit or to cheat and skip the grinding parts of the game and move on to the most fun parts like “PKing”; and, in the event of this, a few geniuses have put together programs to make cheating in this game an easy process. Thus, any games must be free from cheating to promote fairness. Situs judi online terpercaya is one of the ebst game sites where players cannot use any form of cheating codes.


Aryan was the first “Scripting” program to be used with Runescape 2. Aryan scripting was the first kind of scripting to use Color searching and matching to create autobots in Runescape. It also allowed players to play Runescape without using the browser, which many people liked. Many viewed Aryan as the perfect bot because its scripts were nearly flawless. Many a Runescape character reached level 99 with Aryan, but this program is now out-of-date because of updates, and its creator, Speljohan, has moved on to a better program, Rsbot. however, Aryan is not entirely out of use. A man by the name of “Mopar” uses it in his own privately configured Runescape server. His online community is at


SCAR is a program and scripting language invented by men under the name “Kaitnieks” and “Freddy 1990”. SCAR has been used for other games such as MapleStory and NeoPets, but its primary use is for Runescape 2. Kaitnieks’ original website was once discovered by Jagex and brought down, but it is as of 01/23/2009 up again at After SCAR’s reputation built up , Freddy made his own site as well, , where people can download SCAR. Many small communities have been created for SCAR scripting, such as SRL (Scar Resource Library) at

Like Aryan, SCAR uses color-coding to find colors in programs and click on them. SCAR is not as popular as Aryan was in its prime, but SCAR has lasted a longer ammount of time and is still widely recognized as an able bot because of its large community and the ease at which one may learn its scripting. Many of its scripts work very well, too.

Download: (as of 01/23/2009)


AutoFighter is a set of programs (no scripting language) that run as standalone third-party software to perform various tasks in Runescape. AutoFighter has many different kinds of programs such as Auto Teleporters, Auto Alchers, Auto woodcutters, Auto miners, and many more. Some are downloaded for free, and some for a small fee, but the good thing about these programs is that they almost always work.

Website: (as of 01/23/2009)


RSbot is currently the best Runescape botting client as of January 23rd, 2009. RSBot does not use colors like botting programs before it, but rather uses Java’s power of Reflection to click on runescape objects. Since Runescape is written in Java, Reflection is the back door to Runescape that Andrew Gower never wanted cheaters to find out about. What reflection does is it retrieves information about an “object” in a Java applet or application. Through the Java reflection classes, RSbot is able to identify a unique ID number for every single item, NPC, animation, and just about anything in Runescape. Thus, it can search for, say, a Green Dragon, click on it, and kill it without any possibility of failure. Rsbot’s pinpoint accuracy is loved by its small community. Also, its excellent support of anti-ban features makes it nearly Jagex-proof, and lets people trust RSbot to level their characters while they experience better parts of life. Additionally, RSbot runs Runescape in itself like Aryan did, which means that one must not go to to play Runescape.

Promoting Self-Harm Now Banned on Instagram

MSNBC reports that on April 23, the social networking website Instagram unveiled new community guidelines that prohibit the promotion of self-harm. A lot of hashtags have been trending that are promoting suicide, bulimia, anorexia, and cutting, which have spurred debate within the online community. Any user that is found to be promoting self-harm will have their account banned without warning, and any user searching for certain terms will be directed towards support groups. As a 24-year-old woman who suffered from anorexia in my teenage years, here is why this is a positive change for Instagram. You know more about it look at here now. You get all the latest Instagram guidelines here. You can even learn more about Instagram marketing tips and tools that you can use to promote yourself.

One of the biggest reasons why this change was needed is because of the tremendous pressure that there is on younger people, and social networking websites do not need to add fuel to that fire. Younger people are pressured every day to look their best, be a certain weight, and act a certain way, and the Internet just feeds off of insecurities that people feel all the time. Instagram did have a lot of hashtags that promoted cutting or being anorexic, which might make younger people think that self-harm is tolerated when in reality, it is a sign of a psychological condition. Although you are supposed to be at least 13 on most social networking websites, a lot of children younger than that are creating accounts, and seeing these topics being promoted really just sends a mixed message to our youth.

Bullying has also become a huge issue for teenagers today, and social networking websites often help feed this behavior. If you participate on Instagram with people you know, it is possible that bullies could use the promotion of self-harm to harass you into committing suicide. Teenagers should not have to worry about someone posting their picture up on Instagram with the hashtag to promote suicide or anorexia, because this can lead to feelings of worthlessness for those being singled out. Although I believe that you should never let something said online ruin your life or make you want to commit suicide, sometimes younger teenagers are unable to just disconnect from the Internet that easily.

It is great that anyone caught promoting self-harm will have their account banned without warning because it is the only way that people will stop doing such things, although it would still be possible for someone to just create a new account if that happened. Putting links to support groups up instead is a very good way to reach young people because they might feel ashamed to talk about self-harm with an adult. As social media becomes more popular among teenagers, it is important to have these guidelines that prohibit certain acts, since teenagers are indeed very impressionable. The only positive thing about self-harm topics being brought up in this manner is that it got the word out about such a serious issue, which could initiate conversations between teenagers and parents.

Top Plus Size Handbags For Fall

When it comes to buying handbags for plus size women, the key to flawless style is the concept of scale. Tiny handbags can make full-figured women look large and slovenly. The solution is to scale purses, totes and hangbags to the plus size figure. This fall, there are several fabulous bags that will fit nicely over a larger woman’s shoulder and finish outfits with perfectly proportioned panache.

But before we list the hottest plus size handbags this fall, first, we’ll review the trends. Patterns and detailing are the watchwords of handbags and accessories this fall. Croc, zebra, leopard and shiny patinas will be as sought after in purses as they will be in footwear. Moreover, large leather totes are all the rage, some of them commanding up to $2000 price tags. For Fake Designer Bags you can click here. It is really affordable and are of premium quality as well. You can order these bags online.

You can get your plus size zippered tote for considerably less at Lane Bryant for about $35. Another plus size clothing store, Catherines, has a selection of nicely proportioned handbags at very reasonable prices. Animal prints are big this fall, and one particularly stylish option this season will be the animal print handbag by Maggie Barnes. But plus size clothing stores aren’t the only places you can find a great, figure-flattering handbag.

Target has one of the best selections of affordable designer knock-offs in the business. If animal prints aren’t your style, faux croc never goes out of fashion. The Merona tote bag in Cognac Croc weds a versatile earth tone to a rich and classic pattern all with gold accents to add polish to your appearance. (It even comes in green!) For something more cutting edge, try Target’s Merona framed tote bag–in red its the perfect accent to most any outfit.

Speaking of red, russets and golds are the accent color of choice this fall, so check out Target’s Merona tote-bag, also in red, with stylish metallic accents.

For something more professorial and earthy, Target’s Mossimo tote in cognac will affordably lend itself to your wardrobe for only $25.

Suede is a quintessential fabric of fall, and JL Studio’s genuine suede bag from Jessica London is a plus size accessory that reeks of wealth in spite of its $40 pricetag. If the handle drop on the suede bag bothers you-it’s only 7.5 inches-consider the tailored organizer tote in faux patent leather. (Pair this organizer with Jessica London’s matching patent stretch boot, you’ll be a plus size fashionista to be reckoned with this autumn. )

Finally, is a shopping stop not to be missed when searching for the perfect plus size handbag. Patchwork bags are big this fall-Coach is selling one for $400. But you can pick one up an Aurielle-Carryland tote for only $40 on Ebags. Whichever plus size handbag you choose, be sure to pay attention to quality, because fashion is in the detailing.

Fascinating Online Horse Games your Kids would Enjoy

Whether your children are being raised on a farm or in a rural area, or being brought up in the big city, they are sure to love animals. Among the myriad of furry creatures that make up their imaginary world, the horse has always been a long-time favorite. Kids love horses, ponies, unicorns, and everything and anything related to them. If your child falls in to this group, you should take a look at the variety of online horse games that are available to children.

Letting your kids play the most fascinating horse game means you’d give them some fun time in a day. That’s a good chance to play Bandar Judi online as well, isn’t it? Hence, consider these horse game options for them:

The My Little Pony brand of toys has been enchanting children for decades. With their bright colors, and fun accessories, they are always a toy box favorite. Did you know that the manufacturer had a website that features online horse games for kids? They can choose their favorite pony and make it ride a roller-coaster, play the butterfly island adventure game, do matching games, and print out coloring pages. Your child can also download pony themed wallpaper for their computer desktop.

Another web page you might want to visit is called Horseland. This site claims to be the oldest and largest horse game for kids online. It is a virtual world where children can breed their own horses and show them in competitions. They ride their horses around in a virtual world, create jumping obstacle paths for them, and just have fun controlling their own stable of horses.

Ponybox is a good source of online horse games for kids. It is a sim horse game, where children manage a team of horses and take part in competitions, playing head to head against other players. The games that are available include dressage, jumping, racing, and more. This website has parental controls, which are a nice feature that allows your children to experience live online play without worrying about what they might be exposed to.

For a wide variety of free online horse games, take a look at 1001 Web Games. I’m not sure if the site has the number of games that they claim in their title, but they have quite a few equestrian games. Follow the link for sports games, and then select the option for show jumping. That will lead you to a page with steeplechase, horse races, and show jumping games.

Finally, here is a website for the littlest ones. A good source of animals games is called Fun Baby Games Online. The animals here are farm animals in general rather than horses specifically, but babies will appreciate it. My favorite game here is called Farm Animal Peek-a-Boo. The graphics are cute, and it features animals that pop up randomly to delight your baby. It is fun because it makes them laugh, and they learn to anticipate what might come up next. It is a great early-learning tool.

These are the online horse games for children that I have played, and would recommend to your children. As always, make sure that you monitor your children’s internet usage carefully, and be a part of their online experience by playing the games with them whenever you can. Enjoy your online horse games and adventures!


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