A disc jockey or DJ is a totally cool job one could have. Most people are naturally music lovers and we, at any time loves to listen to our favourite music which on occasion relies on our mood. Right now, if you can be a DJ then that would be so awesome since you can dish out the music you perform with all your listeners.

Disc jockeys that are just starting over have lots of difficulties to surpass. There are matters that a DJ goes through which is a harsh reality and real truths which must be brought on the surface and considered openly. Some of the difficulties that DJs encounter are part of their career and are thereby inherent by character.

Tips to avoid the challenges of being a new DJ

Many amateur DJs get their launch as the opening DJ for several of their foremost booking. There isn’t a training period and you have to work quickly. As the starting DJ, it’s up to you to place the mood, surroundings and the favourable outcome of the event.

The top 100 DJs talked about their experience as the opening DJ and they faced the biggest difficulties and how they overcame them. In the event that you have 20 or 200 people in the room, welcome the crowd. Keep focusing and establish passion and love of the music.

Connection is the key. Days or weeks before the show, connect with the other DJs. Understand their series, pay attention to their mixes and take a close understanding of the story they are trying to express.


At all times, keep in mind that being a DJ is not just a profession, it also envisions fondness and love for music. You need to be intense about your profession and guarantee you love what you are doing.