What Gen 4 Pokémon To Catch First?

Have you daydreamed about catching pocket monsters in real life? Imagine being able to catch your favorite character and battle with others. Now, we actually can do all of that with Pokémon Go! But first things first, what is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a mobile game application, available in both iOS and Android. It can be played for free and if you want to purchase resources and upgrades, you can do so. Other try the Pokémon Go hack Deutsch, German, English and any other language to get more pokecoins, the in-game currency.

This version of the widely-popular game combines the GPS on your phone and augmented reality to create virtual pocket monsters. This gives you the experience of being able to see them in front of you, catch them and even battle them out with other people’s Pokémon.

Now that we have established what Pokémon Go is all about, let’s check out what pocket monsters you should go after first.

Best Gen 4 Pokemon


Staraptor is more like Pidgeot Noctowl. Those two are from Kanto and Johto respectively while Staraptor is the bird pocket monster from the Sinnoh area. With its red mohawk, it won’t be too difficult to spot this one.


You may think that Floatzel is just another water-type pokemon but there is actually more to him than what meets the eye. He is a sea weasel and uses a floatation device to save people from drowning. This one will definitely come in handy.


Last but definitely not the least, Lucario. This pocket monster may look like a special kind of pokemon but it is actually just a basic one. It can be caught very easily, and it is very powerful against aura-based tactics.