Tips & Cheats For Marvel Contest Of Champions

Are you a beginner just about to start your maiden Marvel Contest of Champions session? Well, that’s cool. But as you know, it’s going to be an exciting yet tough time ahead. Thus, here are some tips & cheats to make things easier for you.

Aim for purple crystals

Crystals are no doubt great for resources and upgrades. But if you are aspiring for the best of crystals, the purple crystals are your thing. So, aim for purple crystals since these assure wider range of rewards compared to other crystals.

Go for online surveys

You will need units to upgrade your levels in the game. But, any pro player knows units are costly. But there is a smart way to achieve them for free. It’s through online surveys. This is one of the proven marvel contest of champions cheats.

The process is very simple. All you have to do is to go for a site that offers points against completion of online surveys. You will simply have to answer some easy questions. After you complete the survey, you will get reward points that you can redeem later for units.

Take to online unit generator

While online surveys are great for reward points, yet you can’t join them anytime. You have to wait for them to get launched. But what if you need free units just immediately? Well, then the best solution will be to go for free marvel contest of champions unit generator. These online generators can generate units anytime you wish to and for free. You will simply have to submit your user id and pass a human verification test. Most importantly, with these unit generators, you can generate unlimited number of units complete free of charge.

Play on larger screen

It will be great if you can play the game on iPad. While your mobile phone is no doubt great but a tablet means bigger screen and better view of the overall game.