Helpful Cleaning Tips for Students who live Independently

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Congratulations! You have finally reached that stage in your life where you are living independently. Be it at the dorm room of the college you enrolled in, or in an apartment as part of the beginning of an apprenticeship, you have finally gained full independence from your parents. You throw parties, stay up late, have no curfew and most of all, you can leave your bedroom in any condition you want. That is until the dishes begin to pile up, the trash is overflowing and you can barely see the floor.

Cleaning up is probably the first thought that crossed your mind upon realizing the disaster you live in. But when you look through all of your cabinets, you also realize that you forgot to purchase cleaning supplies. You need a staubsauger 2000 watt and other cleaning tools to tackle all the mess.

For many students living independently, this is a regular occurrence. Just as you realize and begin to enjoy your independence, you also realize that it is quite a chore to juggle studies, work and cleaning all at the same time.

Well even though this may seem like quite the dilemma, the problem is not as difficult as you may have thought. Keeping in mind that no one, yourself included, wants to live in a junk yard, the key is to take it step by step. Begin from the top while working your way down to the bottom, starting with your bedroom upstairs. Once you have eliminated the clutter, you will be able to wipe the dusty surfaces.

When it comes to cleaning supplies, you will need to place a lot of thought into what you will need. Rubber gloves are important, as to not harm your skin with any powerful chemicals. You will need paper towels, sponges, dish towels, a mop, a broom and dustpan, a bucket and a duster.

Storing your cleaning supplies is also another thing to consider. It is best to keep them in their designated areas, such as bathroom cleaner in the bottom cupboard in the bathroom, and kitchen cleaner in the bottom cupboard of the kitchen. This way, you will always know that the right cleaners are being used for the right areas. When you begin to clean, spray a generous amount of cleaner on the area and wipe with a towel in circular motions, making sure you wipe all corners and edges. To make things easier, try to keep countertops free from clutter so that you can easily clean away dirt and grime.

Before you place the items back onto the countertops, check to be sure that the surface has completely dried. A good idea is to set aside one day out of every week for deep cleaning. This will probably take you about half of the day. Remove all items from the cupboards and thoroughly clean all the surfaces, followed by floor care, which will involve sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.

When it comes to washing dishes, this is a task that should be done every day, if not more than once a day. The last thing you want is to let them pile up, which will only make the job harder for you to complete. Make sure you have a good supply of dishwashing liquid and never use dishcloths. Personally, I find that sponges are an easier and safer option. It is also best to let your dishes air dry as opposed to towel drying and putting them away immediately.

The last thing to remember is to take pride in your own personal living space. Buy a few fresh flowers to give your place a comforting feel and a pleasant fragrance, and open your windows every now and then to allow fresh air in. Whenever it’s time to clean, try playing your favorite music; you will find that it makes the task more enjoyable while keeping you motivated.


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