BlackSite: Area 51 Review (PS3)

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BlackSite: Area 51 is a First Person Shooter video game, released on Playstation 3 and created by Midway Studios. This is a really interactive and fun game that you will surely enjoy. If you need tips or recommendation for Blacksite you can click on pussy888 apk download.

Story : You’re a generic soldier who fights aliens with your squad. That’s basically the gist of it, and there’s not much else. There are a few plot twists but you will see them coming from a mile away. The characters are generally quite lame and forgettable as are most of the plot points. But, first person shooters don’t really need to have a great story so we’ll let this one slide I suppose.

Graphics : Did this game have beta testing? There were tons of graphics errors I encountered in this game, some were just unforgivable. A lot of it wasn’t just a second or two long either. There were solid stretches of times where everything was just completely screwed up graphically. What a huge miss on Midway’s part. The game ran well enough overall I guess, but there were too many errors graphically to consider this good. Most of the characters are pretty plain and not engaging. Disappointing.

Sound : Another instance of ”Did this game have beta testing?” Everything here would sound good if it didn’t skip so much. And no, it’s not an issue with my Playstation 3. The music, sound effects, voice acting are all good. But the skipping is something that just really ruins the environment and atmosphere of the game. Come on, Midway.

Game play : The controls are sensitive and responsive, just as good as any other new generation first person shooter. So in that regard, Midway finally does something right. The enemies are fairly boring to look at and nothing about them seems very memorable. The difficulty in this game isn’t very high, which can be good or bad depending on the player. You can temporarily control your squad mates but they’re pretty much useless most of the time. The worst part is for some parts of the game you need them and they randomly disappear, making it so you can never progress. If you save when they aren’t around, you’re pretty much screwed. Luckily you squad never truly dies, which is good since they’re too stupid to survive.

You have a decent variety of weapons in the game, but unfortunately most of them aren’t very good. Some don’t even hit enemies at point black range. The game is non-linear but that hardly matters since most of it looks so boring that you don’t really need to explore anyway. Some of the environment is able to be destroyed, but that’s pretty standard in games these days and doesn’t really entice you to like this game.



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