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Barn Buddy is a Facebook farming game produced by social game developer TheBroth. Barn Buddy can best be described as a Farmville clone with an easier learning curve.

In Barn Buddy, you are the owner of a new farm upon which you plant and harvest crops. Barn Buddy revolves around a simplistic cycle of leveling: buy seed / plant seed / water / wait / harvest crop. This cycle is the focal point of Barn Buddy and the primary means of gaining experience and money.

Increased experience allows you unlock different crops for purchase. The main value of different crops is that they possess varied planting times. Since time passes regardless if you are logged into the game, the frequency and amount of your playing style will dictate which crop you want to plant. Higher level crops add different choices regarding planting time and thus increase the likelihood you will be logged in to harvest your crops at the appropriate time.

The strength of Barn Buddy lies in the ease of starting the game. Other farming games have many additional features which can make it difficult for new players to begin farming. In the case of Barn Buddy, the game revolves around the standard farming cycle of leveling and there are few more complicated game elements to learn. So just like Bandar bola terpercaya, Barn Budyy is very easy to learn for beginners.

This is also a weakness of Barn Buddy as many farmers will quickly get tired of the repetitive cycle of leveling. Unlike its competitors like FarmVille and Country Life, Barn Buddy has few decorative elements. This reduces the number of creative players who enjoy decorating and re-decorating their farms.

Barn Buddy includes the standard farming game elements such as trees, animals and buildings. There are minor unique elements in these ancillary items that add to gameplay. While these elements are interesting at first, they quickly become a boring variation on the common farming cycle of leveling.

Barn Buddy does have a “stealing” feature which allows for limited theft and sabotage of your neighbors’ farms. While it theory this adds a fun twist on the standard farming game, in reality the mechanic is poorly developed and little used. Stealing from your friends is not generally considered a fun activity and it is strange that Barn Buddy creates a player dynamic which encourages de-friending certain types of players.

With the crowded landscape of farming games on Facebook, it is difficult for a game to stand out. Barn Buddy is easy to play and requires a smaller investment of time than its major competitors. The stealing game mechanic can be fun to specific types of players and the limited amount of decorative items can be fun for a few gaming sessions. However, there is not sufficient continuous, replay value to justify playing Barn Buddy as your main farming game. Serious farmers will likely enjoy Farmville and use Barn Buddy as a quick change-of-pace. Barn Buddy is fun and easy to play, but it remains a niche game catering largely to beginning farmers.


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