The 7 Best Free Flash Games

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  1. Into Space – Some of the simplest ideas are often the best. Into Space conforms to the basic theme associated with Distance Games, that of moving some object as far as possible. Like most good games, however, that unremarkable concept has endlessly creative potential in the right hands. This is a challenging game of quick reflexes and selective upgrading to slowly steer your rocket from the launch pad, through a crowded sky of biplanes, storm clouds, UFO’s and satellites, until you reach the moon. There is no traffic control in this world so keeping your rocket in one piece until you have advanced far enough to have the fuel and thrust to breech the atmosphere is no easy task. This game has something in common with most narcotics, small and inconspicuous in appearance, but addictive as hell. For more flash games you can check out Situs Judi Bola Resmi.

  1. Super Mario Crossover – A nostalgic rehash of the classic NES game (that’s Nintendo Entertainment System for those of you just out of diapers) Super Mario Bros. The game is basically a faithful reproduction of Mario Bros., down to the last goomba, but with the added feature of different NES characters to choose from, like Mega Man or Samus, each with their own special weapons and abilities. There are a couple of versions of this, the original has graphics more faithful to Super Mario Bros., but is incomplete and is more difficult to control the characters, while the second, though with a little different graphics, has more characters to choose from and a much longer game.
  1. Dungeon King – Even most good online flash games have fairly simple graphics or game play. Despite their name they usually aren’t flashy or complicated, but involve simple 2-D worlds where the challenge is careful manipulation or proper strategy. This is not so with Dungeon King, an expansive 3-dimensional fantasy RPG that has more in common with Baulder’s Gate: Dark Alliance than with its online cousins. You must lead a single Barbarian warrior through a maze of dungeons battling creatures and collecting potions, gold and experience points. Gameplay is a little more difficult than it should be which can be frustrating at times when you can’t swing the axe the right way and you have a dozen giant spiders gnawing through your knee caps, but RPG fantasy game fans are bound to be impressed and find this game fun. The difficulty is worth it, and since you seem to have endless lives and plenty of check points it won’t set you back to far.

  1. Crush the Castle 2 – You’ll notice there is no mention of Angry Birds here, that is because Crush the Castle 2, and the original, are what Angry Birds should have been. Instead of birds with high blood pressure being shot from a slingshot at fortified pigs here you’ll fire anything from a small stone to timed bombs to acid, electric eels and enormous steel spheres and a number of intricately designed castles that become progressively more difficult to knock down. You’ll have to be creative to defeat some of these levels.
  1. Dead Zed – Just like the brain hungry beasts that have been meandering slowly through the horror genre since the classic version of them arrived in the 60s the gaming genre of zombies won’t die and any number of new and original versions are arriving online all of the time. Many of these are pretty sub-par but Dead Zed is one of the few that is both engaging, challenging and can really get your heart muscles throbbing as the monsters slowly (or in some cases, swiftly) edge their way closer to your safe house. This game is predominantly a first person shooter, but you’ll need to engage your tactical brain cells to win by sending out search parties for supplies, repairing your defenses, upgrading your firepower and dividing up the survivors depending on their skills.
  1. Corporation, Inc. – Have you ever wanted to be a cutthroat CEO with a corporation of unlimited potential collecting thousands or more dollars a day? Welcome to Corporation, Inc., where the potential growth of your push button company is limited only by your abilities as the companies leader. Create workers, janitors, IT workers, HR, research, supervisors, and accountants and promote them as needed to higher positions to run your dream company. This is a cross between a time management and strategy game because simply creating a truck load of workers and letting it go at that isn’t enough to win big. You’ll need to carefully lay out your office building, create décor and break rooms as well as well-placed elevators to keep your workers happy and keep an eye on every aspect to ensure it is as streamlined and profitable as possible. Here is the one place you can be a member of the 1%, live for profit but not worry about the moral consequences of your actions. That’s the wonder of video games.

  1. Kingdom Rush – Kingdom Rush stands in a category all its own. I won’t draw out the detail of the game aside from explaining its basics since the only way to understand how entertaining Kingdom Rush is, is to play it. This is a Tower Defense game, a genre that is inundated with mediocre and dull 2-D overhead view games that just don’t live up to your hopes. But Kingdom Rush is ‘the’ TD game. Strategically place towers with different abilities (melee, ranged, bombardment and mage) to stop the waves of progressively more difficult monsters from reaching the end of the path. Most games, even good ones, have some downside, either they’re too difficult or complex or not enough, but somehow Armor Games managed to find that balancing center that makes this game one in a million. The praise may sound a bit sickly sweet to those that haven’t tried Kingdom Rush, but give it a chance and you’ll be singing in adulation as well.


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