MMO of the Day: EVE Online

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Nothing entices me more than a no-strings attached 14 day free trial, especially when the game is EVE Online so I had to seize the opportunity. After choosing the nation and bloodline of your character, you are either free to fly around space on your own or complete the many tutorials there are to familiarize you with the world of EVE. I opted to do all the tutorials and I’m glad I did because there was a lot to learn. There isn’t as much to learn in the case of games like Bandarqq.

There are so many different aspects to EVE Online, it’s easily one of the most complex MMOs I’ve ever played. It makes World of Warcraft look like Runescape. Your method of transportation is a spaceship in the huge universe that makes up the game. Stargates populate space acting as bridges between areas. Asteroid belts are common and are places to mine ores both common and rare. What ships are available to you can range from mining frigates, battle cruisers, destroyers, and transport ships. Controlling your ship is a simple point and click, you won’t be maneuvering with a joystick or keyboard. Depending on the size of the ship, you can equip a plethora of parts to the ship that up the attributes and turn it into a weapon. Afterburners will increase the speed of your ship, salvagers will give you the ability to salvage parts from wreckage, and rail guns, lasers, and rockets will help you defend yourself against enemies cruising space, both NPC and player.

Character skills are increased by time and time alone. You don’t level up in the same sense as other MMOs, where completing quests and killing monsters will net you experience and a level gain. In EVE Online, you have to get books that teach new skills and those skills have to be place in a queue that will increase the skill in a certain amount of time. Skills like salvaging, hacking, electronic warfare, mining, industry, and refining can be learned if the skills are in the queue even if you log out. It’s smart on the side of the developers because it forces players to log in at least once in a 24 hour period to update their queue and add more skills.

What really sets EVE Online apart from other MMOs is that so much of the economy is driven by the player, so demand for items and parts will determine their prices in the form of ISK, the game currency. Corporations are a big part of the game and it’s suggested to join one immediately to learn the ropes of the game and work with other players to make ISK. There are a number of ways to make ISK in the game and it all really depends on the players’ preference and each has a different risk level. You can enlist in the military and do missions, mine ore in asteroid belts and sell or refine the ore, you can create items like weapons and ships and sell them, you can explore the universe and find rare items and salvage wrecks, or you can become and pirate and pit yourself against other players hauling cargo that you’re trying to steal. I recommend trying out a little of everything to see what you prefer.

The game looks amazing. Everything is on a grand scale, so planets are huge, asteroids are looming, and the space stations dwarf your ship. Distance novas, deep cratered planets, and ship wreckage create an awe-inspiring game. I give this game an 8.5 out of 10 and highly recommend it to any fan of MMOs, and if you make enough ISK, you can purchase a game card and keep playing for free.


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