The History Of Runescape Cheating

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Runescape 2 is a java-based MMO developed by Jagex ( that was released in January of 2001. Andrew Gower, the English creator of Runescape 1 and Runescape 2 has taken this game so far, making it a top-of-the-market game which features pvp, rpg, and more skills and things to do than in any other game. But all players of this fantastic game have noticed one central problem with the gameplay, and that is the time it takes to level up and make money. This has caused many players to either quit or to cheat and skip the grinding parts of the game and move on to the most fun parts like “PKing”; and, in the event of this, a few geniuses have put together programs to make cheating in this game an easy process. Thus, any games must be free from cheating to promote fairness. Situs judi online terpercaya is one of the ebst game sites where players cannot use any form of cheating codes.


Aryan was the first “Scripting” program to be used with Runescape 2. Aryan scripting was the first kind of scripting to use Color searching and matching to create autobots in Runescape. It also allowed players to play Runescape without using the browser, which many people liked. Many viewed Aryan as the perfect bot because its scripts were nearly flawless. Many a Runescape character reached level 99 with Aryan, but this program is now out-of-date because of updates, and its creator, Speljohan, has moved on to a better program, Rsbot. however, Aryan is not entirely out of use. A man by the name of “Mopar” uses it in his own privately configured Runescape server. His online community is at


SCAR is a program and scripting language invented by men under the name “Kaitnieks” and “Freddy 1990”. SCAR has been used for other games such as MapleStory and NeoPets, but its primary use is for Runescape 2. Kaitnieks’ original website was once discovered by Jagex and brought down, but it is as of 01/23/2009 up again at After SCAR’s reputation built up , Freddy made his own site as well, , where people can download SCAR. Many small communities have been created for SCAR scripting, such as SRL (Scar Resource Library) at

Like Aryan, SCAR uses color-coding to find colors in programs and click on them. SCAR is not as popular as Aryan was in its prime, but SCAR has lasted a longer ammount of time and is still widely recognized as an able bot because of its large community and the ease at which one may learn its scripting. Many of its scripts work very well, too.

Download: (as of 01/23/2009)


AutoFighter is a set of programs (no scripting language) that run as standalone third-party software to perform various tasks in Runescape. AutoFighter has many different kinds of programs such as Auto Teleporters, Auto Alchers, Auto woodcutters, Auto miners, and many more. Some are downloaded for free, and some for a small fee, but the good thing about these programs is that they almost always work.

Website: (as of 01/23/2009)


RSbot is currently the best Runescape botting client as of January 23rd, 2009. RSBot does not use colors like botting programs before it, but rather uses Java’s power of Reflection to click on runescape objects. Since Runescape is written in Java, Reflection is the back door to Runescape that Andrew Gower never wanted cheaters to find out about. What reflection does is it retrieves information about an “object” in a Java applet or application. Through the Java reflection classes, RSbot is able to identify a unique ID number for every single item, NPC, animation, and just about anything in Runescape. Thus, it can search for, say, a Green Dragon, click on it, and kill it without any possibility of failure. Rsbot’s pinpoint accuracy is loved by its small community. Also, its excellent support of anti-ban features makes it nearly Jagex-proof, and lets people trust RSbot to level their characters while they experience better parts of life. Additionally, RSbot runs Runescape in itself like Aryan did, which means that one must not go to to play Runescape.

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