Video Game Review On Ea Sports Active

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EA Sports Active is an exercise game that consists of activities that use motion controls of the Wii platform. It was primarily played using the Wii Remote, with the attached Nunchuk strapped to the legs to track the lower body. There is also other equipment for the more elaborate experience but are not necessary for a play like The Wii Balance Board.

Your own personal trainer

The game can be your own personal fitness trainer, it has several supervised exercise options, which includes 20-minute workout regimens or a 30-Day Challenge mode. The 30-day challenge mode mixes and matches various exercise routines to achieve your set goal and makes sure that you reach it within the time frame. These modes encourage the players to plan out their goals for the fitness programs such as the number of calories they want to burn, the time period they are willing to spend. The major idea is that if worked out on a regular basis while completing the whole plan, weight loss and fitness will happen on its own.

As mentioned by WF, the best part about this game is that it offers full use of the Wii motion controls and the Wii Balance Board provides apt feedback of the workout session. Even if the user does not have the balance board, the game works just fine and fulfills its purpose. Along with the balance board, the exercise gives a more ‘full body’ experience and hence. More engaging and intense. The game leaves no stone unturned and offers all types of gym-like workouts like strength exercises, cardio, etc. making it well-balanced.

If you are looking to get fit in the comfort of your own home, with guaranteed fun and intense thrill then don’t miss out on this great game!


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