3 amazing advantages Of Gaming

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Gaming is fun, engaging and also offers ample benefits for the gamer. Yes, there is no dearth of articles warning about the negative effects of gaming. But, if practiced in a controlled manner, gaming can actually improve your life. The post below offers a brief on the multiple amazing advantages of gaming.

Improves cognitive functions

This is certainly one of the best benefits of gaming. When you play these games, say poker on AsikQQ or puzzle games or combat games or sports-based games- your brain gets a fantastic exercise. It eventually helps to improve the cognitive functions of your brain such as- memory, focus, attention, learning ability, capacity to process new information and so on. Besides, most of the games demand strategic thinking to solve problems. Thus, when you play games sincerely, your problem solving skills get a good practice as well.

Keeps you stress and pain free

Video or online games are usually designed with an engaging gameplay. Thus, when you get engrossed in gaming, you tend to forget about your problems and stresses. Studies have found that just  30-minutes gameplay can improve mood significantly.

Then, yes, gaming can also lower the feeling of pain by a great extent. No, it’s not just because it helps you to avoid stress and tension. But, it’s mainly because gaming helps one to experience pain-killing analgesic feelings which make you feel better.

Improves vision

Contrary to the popular opinion that gaming is harmful for the eyes, gaming can actually be beneficial for your vision. Studies have shown that gaming enhances contrast sensitivity that refers to the capacity to distinguish in between different color shades. This particular ability tends to weaken with age. However, research has proved that gamers retain this ability for a much longer span compared to their non-gaming aging counterparts.


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