Is your partner flirting with someone else?

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Nothing is worse than a disloyal partner. Do you suspect your partner of infidelity? It could be that you have checked his iPhone messages but have got nothing substantial. There could be two reasons behind that. One, your partner is not cheating on you. Second, he is very much cheating but has skilfully deleted the text messages sent to or received from the third person. The best way to clear these doubts is to recover the deleted phone messages. But, how to retrieve deleted imessages on iphone. The post below provides a brief for you here.

Step 1

You will have to download and install a reliable iPhone data recovery software in your PC. After you install the software, connect the phone to your computer. Now, just start the software.

Step 2

Go to “Messages” since you wish to retrieve the messages here. The moment you will select the “Messages” option, the software would start to scan your device. The scanning will be carried on both existing and deleted messages. After the scanning gets done, the software will show you MMS and SMS texts.

Step 3

After the scanning has been done, you will certainly wish to view the retrieved messages. Now, there is no point in checking the existent messages. Your focus is on the deleted messages here. So, look for the option that says something like “Display only deleted messages”.

Step 4

If you find nothing suspicious from deleted messages, good for you. But, what if you actually discover your partner cheating with another person. Well, in that case, you should not suffer in silence and charge your partner. But, before that, you have to get a concrete evidence.

So, go to “Recover” tab and click on it. The software would immediately export the messages and store them as CSV or HTML files. You can get a print out of those messages later.


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