Is Refrigerator Repair Cheaper Than Buying A New Refrigerator?

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When it comes to home appliances, there will be a situation wherein we, as homeowners will be faced to a circumstance of deciding whether to repair or replace a particular appliance. One of the most common appliances that we usually hate to have that kind of situation is refrigerator. Since this appliance provides helpful functions and benefits, it is also considered as one of the most useful things in the house. As such, it is important to properly take good care of your fridge so it can last longer. However, no matter how keen you are with your appliances, you have to accept the ultimate truth about appliances – they will not last forever. So to help you decide whether to replace or repair your fridge, here are some important factors that you need to consider first.


Overheating is one of the major signs that your fridge is already at risk. Thus, when you have tried repairing this problem and it keeps on returning, you probably need to replace the entire fridge as repairing or just replacing the parts of the refrigerator is not a wise thing to consider than buying a brand new one.

Spoiling Food

When your fridge no longer serve its purpose of cooling for food to slow than the growth of bacteria in your food, you have to check it with a repairing consultant. However, if it is still coming back, then buying a new one is probably the best choice to make.

When its too old already

Every asset or appliance has its own useful life. For average refrigerators, it usually lasts for 10-15 years depending on the quality and usage. Hence, if your fridge reached this age or close, and there are a lot of issues with it, san diego refrigerator repair may be a good deal, but replacing it with a new one is quite practical and wiser.


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