How Much Space Is Required To Establish A Water Park?

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Water parks are amusement parks build around a water theme. The park is mostly covered with recreational water activities and different fun activities. Umpteen water parks are opening up regularly in different parts of the world, so visitors have plenty of options to choose from. People can visit a commercial-grade custom aquapark to have an unforgettable experience of water adventure. There are various thrilling water rides and slides along with other exciting features such as water slides, lazy pools, and Water Rivers. Building a water park is a huge task and has various aspects to look into, such as space, facilities, charges, cost, etc.

What factors affect the size required for a water park?


The size of water parks depends on the size of the water park you want to build. Usually, water parks require 7-16 acres of land but may vary based on the structure of the water park you are going to build. Indoor water parks often require 8-10 acres as their building size hover around 24000 to 25000 square feet. Outdoor parks need about 12-14 acres of land, and if you want to put both indoor and outdoor facilities in your water park, you will need some additional space.

Parking facilities

The visitors use different vehicles to come to the water park, and they need a proper and safe place to park their vehicles. If you want to offer them sufficient parking space, you will need some extra land other than Water Park to build a parking lot.

Slides and rides

Slides and rides are the centers of attraction of commercial-grade custom aquapark. The size of the water park depends on the size and numbers of slides and rides you want to install in it. The more slide you wish to install, larger size you will need.

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