Volleyball Today- Get To Know More About The Benefits Of A Great Team Support

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The team support and spirit is very important in every team, without that you and your team will never win no matter how good your team is. In volleyball, there are six players in each team. Each player has a specific place to play. Team support is important in volleyball or in betting on Judi online.

Get to know more about the players

As it is mentioned that there are six players on each team. Let know at what position those six players are in

  • Booster:

There is a booster who plays in the middle of the net. The player lifts the ball for the smasher so that the smasher can hit it hard and gain the point for their team. The booster also works as a blocker as they block the ball that comes from the opposite side.

  • Center:

Center is the first person who connects the ball when the opposition performs the service. The centre player supplies the ball to the booster.

  • Smasher:

There are two smashers in the team who hit the ball to gain the point. The position of the smasher is on the left and right side of the net.

  • Defender:

Two defenders in the team defend the ball from touching the ground. The position of the defenders are on the right and left the side of the centre.

Why team support is important

A team sport is the most important thing the match if you are playing with a team. If in the team there is no team support they can never win the match, as every player has its importance and skill through which they can gain the point. And the proper combination of all the skill of the player is important to win the match.


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