If you are into jewelry, be ready to be fascinated by the beautiful Indian collection of silver jewelry!]

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It would be a safe bet to a place that almost every woman is fond of jewelry. This is something that brings to the person wearing it. Okay saying that woman love it the most would be sexist of me. Everyone admires a classy piece of jewelry; let it be guys or girls! Well why not, sterling silver jewelry will make up for any flaw on you.

Types of silver jewelry:

You might be wondering silver is silver, what would be types of it. Well, if you aren’t then you are probably more into jewelry than I am, but when I noticed thee sparkly and mesmerizing angels for the first time, I was amazed their graceful and elegant designs. You go to buy one pair of earring and return home with a bracelet, a couple of rings, a pendant along with chain, a pair of the anklet and three pairs of earrings. Laugh it off, but this is true. Well, at least it was in my case!

Coming off to the topic!!

See you will find a huge variety in both designs and prices of silver jewelry. The reason behind different prices lies in the quantity or percentage of pure silver used in that jewelry. No, you won’t be getting anything with 100% silver as that won’t be durable and pretty. The best silver jewelry, in my opinion, is the sterling one. It has 92.7% pure silver, and the rest is the base metal. It comes in a lot of designs. On the other hand, if you are short on budget, you can get one with a lesser silver percentage.

Long story short, silver jewelry are much in trend ever since ancient times. Not only it looks good, but also it is right for your skin, mind, and body.


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