What Warm-Up Exercises May Help To Improve Your Game Of Tennis

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For tennis players, warm-up exercise is extremely important from the player point of view and if you have been wondering what exercise can help you during a game then here are a few things that you might find worth considering. These are just warm-up exercise that you can practice before a match or before your training session.

The front lunge exercises

If you are not aware of the front lunge exercise then get in touch with someone who knows about it. These are stretching exercise where you need to stand up straight and make sure your knees should not extend past your toes. This might appear tough initially but this is something that you have to get used to. Most professional players use this exercise to warm up before their matches.

Follow up with your cardio routine

Your cardio routine is also important, 3 to 5 minutes of skipping or running in either forward or lateral direction are something that you can try. These exercises have the least risk when you come to any kind of injury and you can try them out or make a part of your routine.

Shadowing or mimicking your moves

This is the final phase of exercise that you can use when you are entering a game. Shadowing involves mimicking the moves that you will have to use during the match. So,if you are well versed with the moves before the match starts you can get on-field immediately. The popular tennis player Rafael Nadal is known for his shadowing moves before the match.

Thus, if you have been wondering on how to step up your game of tennis to the next level then this is your opportunity to do so and make sure you follow your routine wholeheartedly because tennis is not a game of BandarQQ that you can get away with luck.


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