Know the Heart Drugs and Supplement Interactions with food!

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Patients that are battling with heart disease consume less healthy food as there are some medications that can interact with healthy food also and can cause dangerous interactions. It is imperative to take the vegetables and fruits that help in thinning the blood to prevent any chance of heart disease and strokes. Patients must have knowledge about the medications they are consuming and the food that must be avoided while consuming the medicines. The bec5 cream needs no food to be avoided while having and applying it.

If interaction happens, then, it can make the drug in medicines more powerful and make the food less effective and can cause severe health issues too. It is essential to be on a safe side and know the products that can interact and avoid them.

Know the medication safety tips:-

  • You must tell the doctor about the heart drugs or dietary supplements you are consuming.
  • When a doctor provides the prescription, you must ask the doctor about the food, supplements, vitamins, and other things that can react with the medicine and must avoid them.
  • Better to get the prescriptions from the pharmacy suggested by the doctor.
  • You need to read out all the information that is prescribed on the drugs and must know the drug facts that are printed on the medicines and drugs.


Products that can interact with medications:-

  • A nitrate like an isosorbide mononitrate and nitroglycerin
  • The anti-arrhythmic drug
  • Asprin
  • Calcium channel blockers like felodipine and amlodipine
  • Digoxin

It is crucial to know about the medications and the food that must be avoided while consuming the medications. You can check out the medication safety tips and some products that can interact with the medications.


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