Liquid State Vapors’ Sweet Leaf E-Liquid Juice Review

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Are you finding good juice for your vape? The Liquid State Vapors’ new product can give you a more exciting way for your vaping hobbies. And the unique flavor Sweet Leaf E-Liquid juice is based on state-specific foods and beverages. Thus, this product is made from the southern part of California, and it is all an 80/20 VG/PG. With the use of premium ingredients that ensuring a safety standard for every health. The flavors also represent the different states of the USA. Including California, Hawaii, Florida, Washington, New York, and Texas.

Moreover, its packaging has a glass dropper bottle with a protective cap and dripper. Each one has the same design but except for the outline and names of the juice in every state represents. Furthermore, the branding is easy to recognize as the Liquid State Vapors product.

It’s Flavor

Upon opening the package, you can already smell the sweet fragrance coming from the bottle itself. The fragrance and flavor have a summer vibe and a fruity aroma. Also, it has a scent of mild peach and ice tea fragrance. Moreover, you can smell a delicate sweetness and with a lemonade blend with it. It also depends on what vape device you use. 40W is suggested to deliver its excellent flavor and aroma. But if it clicks up to 60W, the taste will also feel a lot brighter.

The Cloud It Produces

Using the right device of vape. This juice can create a thick cloud. The Sweet Leaf E-Liquid juice has a ratio of 80/20 VG/PG (vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol). Thus, this combines the dense fog that vape makes and easy to “throat hit” that feels smooth while vaping. And also the clouds that the juice makes can dissipate quicker than other juices with the same ratio. Furthermore, the thickness of clouds produced can also vary to the vape device used.


There are other products that Liquid State Vapors produced. If you want to get there other products. You can find it on different online vapor store and local vapor store near you.



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