Best Universities To Watch A College Football Game

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If you haven’t watched an elite college football game in your life yet, then you haven’t lived your life to the fullest yet. Millions of people across the globe are always on the go to watch college football game. For them, it is an exciting feeling to watch their favorite college team to play in the field. That is why they always make sure to watch them play at least once in a year. If you are planning to watch a college football game, here are some of the best universities for you to pick.

Texas A&M University

The exciting news that millions of football fanatic received is the increased of capacity of the university football field by almost 103,00- seats. This is one of the elite universities where it is really best and exciting to watch football game at.

Penn State University

When it comes to the largest capacity football field in the country, Penn State always come into the minds of every football fan.

University of Michigan

Michigan stadium can accommodate almost 116,000 audience for an entire game. Another good thing about this is that almost everything you need is near the university. You can find a lot of stores, restaurants and other establishments right outside the university.

University of Florida

If you are looking for a university where you can see better tailgates, better looking girls and better football, the University of Florida is a good choice.  Certainly, you can have a lot of good and enjoyable time at watching football in this university as much as watching situs judi online on

University of Washington

Another elite and great university to watch football is the University of Washington. Certainly, with these universities, you’ll have an amazing experience watching your favorite sport.


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