Basic Guide On How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum cleaners are one of the cleaning equipment that seems very easy to use—especially when we see how people use it in the movies. Maybe you have already used it for a couple of times, even without studying how to use it.

However, there is actually a proper way on how to use this very helpful tool. In other terms, there are chances that you might have been using vacuum cleaners in the wrong way. If you want to make sure, here are some basic steps on how to use a vacuum cleaner before firing up your Dyson v10 motorhead.

  1. Empty or replace the vacuum bag

This is the area or part of the vacuum where the dust that was collected by the vacuum cleaner is stored. If it is already full, empty it to avoid malfunctions. 

  1. Declutter the room

If your room is full of objects or furniture, declutter it first for a faster cleaning process. 

  1. Turn on the vacuum

If you have already cleared your room, you can now start and turn on your vacuum cleaner. 

  1. Use the attachments

Vacuum cleaners come with different types of attachment that are used only for a certain situation to improve the cleaning performance of your vacuum cleaner. 

  1. Clean and wash the brush

Make sure that you regularly wash and clean the brushes and other tools for your vacuum to avoid leftover debris using a detergent and warm water. 

  1. Dry the brush

Be sure to dry up the brushes and attachment before using it again. You can also use a rag to remove the water.

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most helpful technology that there are today. It makes cleaning more efficient and convenient for people—which are the reasons why you should make sure to take care of it properly by using it properly.


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