Tips for Fornite: Battle Royal Beginners

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Being a beginner in a phenomenal game such as Fortnite: Battle Royale is quite challenging and intimidating. With some complicated features and tremendous number of experienced players in the game, you might have a hard time to move forward. So if you are one of millions of beginners in the popular game, this article will help you by providing you some tips. Here they are:

You will lose

The very first thing that you should expect when you started playing Fortnite is that you are going to lose. No matter how “gamer” you call yourself, your first stage as a newbie will be difficult. Always remember that there are numerous players in the game and most of them are experts and have been playing the game for so long already. Alos, using Fortnite cheats is not a good idea. This will just spoil the essence of the game.

You only get what you find

The mechanics of the game goes like you will be lump together with other players in a confined map location. There, the only goal that you need to see and know is to survive. This will be possible by finding loots such as weapon to help you fight and stay alive. That said, you should not expect so much in finding loots. You are not armed unless you find something in the area.

Dangerous people

You should also expect that people in Fortnite are dangerous. Always bear in mind that Fortnite is a battle royale game. Hence, the only way to win this game is to survive and be the last man standing. In this game, you will meet different people or gamers and most of them are professionals – which means that they are dangerous. It is necessary to always be careful and smart.


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