The Best Paid Online Multiplayer Games For Android

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Single player games like bola 88 have its own charm, but sometimes you just want to play your video games with other human players. Maybe, the AI algorithm is not enough for you. If that is the case, then read on! This article will discuss the best online multiplayer games for the Android OS. To ensure that only the best multiplayer games are listed, this list will only feature games that is published on Google Play Store. Without further ado, here is the list:

  1. Minecraft

Price: $6.99

Minecraft is a really deep game despite its pixelated graphics. It is originally a PC title, but due to its popularity, it was ported to a lot of systems such as gaming consoles as well as mobile phones. In Minecraft, you will try to survive in a world with blocky graphics that is still addicting. There is also a sandbox mode where you can unleash your creativity and do whatever you like. Minecraft also features multiplayer with online players, as well as LAN (Local Area Network) multiplayer.

  1. PUBG Mobile

Price: Free

PUBG Mobile is without a doubt among the best games on Android that features online multiplayer battles. In case you don’t know what is PUBG Mobile, it is a battle royale video game in which 100 online players parachutes down to an arena, in which they will loot for supplies, guns, and ammunition.

The game will not end until only one player or team remains. You can play the game solo, or play with friends in duo and squad mode.

PUBG Mobile, in addition, has incorporated an Arcade game style, new maps with entirely new themes, and a night mode. There is a lot of weaponry that you can work with, which are based on real life guns. There are also frag grenades and the titular pan that blocks bullets.


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