Tips In Picking An Engagement Ring

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They’ve been giving signs and you’re ready to ask the question. You’re both ready to move past the stable love life stage and the gold couple bracelets to the next big thing. The only thing left to do is to pick a ring. Sounds easy? No, it actually isn’t.

Picking an engagement ring can be very difficult especially if your partner hasn’t given you hints on what they might actually like. Would they like a silver or a gold one, a princess or a marquise cut? Would they want a thick band or a very slim one? It can be very confusing.

Luckily for you, below are tips to help you pick out an engagement ring to wow your partner for life:

Look for Hints

Talking about the future is inevitable sometimes when you’ve been with your partner for too long. You’ll talk about how many kids you’d like to have, how big of a house and where you’d like to stay. You’ll also talk about the wedding, the dress, the suit, the number of guests and then the ring.

Asking them about their preference may be straightforward but sometimes they won’t notice it when the conversation is focused more on the future than the topic of the ring. You can also try bringing them around jewelry stores as if to check out a watch or necklace but you can observe them if they’re eyeing any ring in particular.

Ask the Parents

Moms and dads would know what their children’s preferences are when it comes to engagement rings. But we all know moms know best. Ask your partner’s mom if they know of a perfect engagement ring for them.

Do Your Research

Research on what makes a perfect engagement ring. Look up the different cuts and how big or small of a diamond can fit your budget but still look pretty. Sometimes, people like to be surprised and your partner will definitely love whatever you’re going to get them because they know it comes from the heart.


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