Some Useful Features Of The Timeline Creator – Here Are The 8 Picks

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Timelines are a simple yet powerful representation of events. A timeline can explain the start, intermediate, and end process in a very simple and basic way. Each Project Manager who first starts a project creates a timeline of how the project should be started, what are the initiatives needs to be taken, who are to involved, and many more. Thus, a timeline is an important part of every project for a project manager.

Why a PM needs Timeline Creator?

Now, think as a Project Manager, you have got a new project from your client and you need to explain the workflow to your team, the best way to do this is y creating a timeline. There are various free timeline creators available over the internet which you can download and create a timeline for the events that will be happening. Every PM should know the value of timelines in a project. Here are some of the facts about the timeline creator.

8 Truths About the Timeline Creator

Timeline creator is an effective tool which can drive your projects easily. Here are some of the facts and features of Timeline creator.

  • One of the most important features is it saves your precious time
  • You can randomize the events in a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly way
  • You can position the milestones automatically or manually
  • You can design it as you want with date formats and colors
  • You can have data is historical way such as BCE or CE years
  • You have option to put scale breaks in the events
  • You can have multiple timelines in one document and can even combine them
  • With the help of timelines, you can determine the total time needed to complete each task

You can find all these features in the free timeline creators from the internet and if you pay for subscription you might get some extra features.


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