Spotting Fake Followers On Instagram And Twitter

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So, you have a respectable amount of followers on your Twitter and Instagram accounts but you want to be sure of the people who are viewing your content, are they real? Do they have any wrong or useless intentions? Well, here are a few ways you can spot if your Twitter and Instagram followers are real or fake:

No profile descriptions and pictures

This is the easiest way to spot if an account is fake or real. An account with no profile picture and no profile description can simply be a bot running a fake account, probably which someone has bought off some website selling followers at cheap prices. Click to read their profile descriptions and if you find none, it probably is a fake account.

Hyper activity and Inactivity

Well, this will definitely give you a clue of whether a follower is just a spammy account or a real one. At first, a fake account will put loads of spam Tweets (in the case of Twitter) or posts and pictures (in the case of Instagram) just to make believe that it’s a real account. In a few days when it has achieved a significant amount of followers, it would stop building its profile.

Useless promotions

Well, can you spot and witness accounts in daily life which either tweet or post a lot, and the information is completely irrelevant to you? These can be accounts which have been made just to promote a certain idea or a service to the people in abundance and it certainly would not add any value to your account.

Many following, lesser followers

This is not a spot-on way to find out if an account is fake or not because of the fact that newbies follow a lot of people in order for them to get followed back. But it can be one of the ways to find out if it’s fake because people generally have a 1:1 ratio in the case of followers and the people following them. No or lesser followers simply indicate fakeness.


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