Five Tips To A Weed-Free Garden

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Weeds are considered unnecessary plants in your garden. Not only they are not pleasant to our sight but they can also harm our ornaments. That said, it is necessary to remove and prevent them from growing in your garden. In addition, weeding is a time consuming task, and you probably don’t want to waste your time removing these unwanted plants from your garden. Thus, this article will give you some tips to have a weed free garden.

Tight garden beds

One of the effective ways to prevent weeds from growing in your garden is to simply don’t provide them the space they needed to grow. This will be done through planting a garden bed in a tight space manner. Surely, weeds will not have enough space to grown and harm four beautiful garden.


Another way to prevent weed from penetrating your garden is through mulching. This maintains moist and wet soil so weeds will not thrive easily. You can use spread newspaper, scrapped leaves and other compost or fertilizers in mulching.

Dispose weeds properly

It is not advisable to throw weeds in a compost pile because certainly they can easily grow again. Thus, the best way to dispose them is to put them in a garbage bag and throw accordingly or let them be collected by garbage collectors in your village.


Vinegar is considered as a great enemy of weeds. This weed killer recipe can certainly kill weeds in your garden. Just a simple solution of vinegar and water can be an effective recipe to destroy them.

Remove bare soil

Bare soil is the main driving and growing point of weeds in your garden. So it is always advisable not to use this kind of soil. If you want a weed free garden you need to remove weed’s main root cause – bare soil.


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