5 Killer Tips For Winning Esports Marketing

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Companies have come to realize the potential of eSports as marketing platforms, and started deploying techniques to churn out profits to their interests. E-sports platforms have a wide audience scattered across demographics and there are certain tips to follow to get your marketing done right on these platforms. Below are five quick tips which every marketer should take into account to get the best out of eSports platforms and events.

  • Understand the audience

The most critical and tricky part to eSports marketing is to identify the audience and selecting your target audience. Just like cricket lovers may not be soccer fans, similarly, different eSports games have different audiences. A wise thing to do is to start out with one game and then expand your horizon to other games once you understand how things work in eSports platform.

  • Reach out to influencers

And this does not only mean big shots in the e-gaming genre, but also micro-influencers. You can endorse several micro-influencers at a time to reach out to all their audiences collectively. It is a fact today that the young generation relate better to social media influencers rather than celebrities.

  • Sponsor eSports tournament teams and organizers

When you choose to sponsor eSports tournament organizers, you are sure to get visibility from a wide demography of audience. Similarly, you can sponsor a specific team and get your brand familiar with its supporters.

  • Make your own team

If you can immerse in the e-Sports gaming culture, you can even form your own team. Then you can create a Twitch channel for the team and start building your own audience!

  • Pay attention to the tech side of eSports

eSports is an industry which is heavily dependent on technicalities and infrastructure. Focus on techie vendors to get a better profit for your campaigns.


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