Choosing A New Car Battery: A Guide In Buying The Right Battery For Your Car

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A car battery is arguably one of the most important part of your vehicle. It is responsible for starting up your engine and providing power to all electronic components in your car. Careful steps must be taken to ensure that the batteries are in optimal functioning capabilities, and appropriate measures should be taken if any problems arise.

Unfortunately, batteries degrade over time despite all the care and effort you put into its maintenance. While its important to know when the best time to have your car batteries replaced, it’s equally important to know which battery to replace it with when the time comes.

We’ve listed down a few guidelines to help you choose the best car battery replacement to buy as for your old one.

Get a reserve and be prepared

Do not wait for your batteries to give out before you decide to buy a new one. Car batteries seldom show symptoms of trouble until it’s very severe. Make sure you have a back up one around in case you might need it.

Make sure you get the right size

Car batteries come in different heights, widths and lengths. Measure your car’s battery tray or read your car’s operational manuals before you go out and purchase one. The car battery should fit securely into the tray.

Know the type of battery best suited for your car and your driving environment

Car batteries usually come in two basic types: a regular, acid-lead type and an absorbed glass mat (AGM) type with each having its own benefits and drawbacks. Lead-acid batteries are usually cheaper than AGM ones but it does can’t hold a charge for as long and needs to be checked and maintained on a more frequent basis.


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