5 Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon FBA For Free!

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If you are looking to earn some extra bucks, you can sign up with Amazon FBA. It is a great platform to sell goods and can also give you a decent income. There are products which people will buy again and again, thus ensuring that your products on Amazon will generate sales throughout the year. You should sell products which cost somewhere from 10$-50$ making them easily accessible to a wider audience. For more knowledge on how to sell products Amazon FBA, you can go to resource page on official Amazon FBA page.

Here are 5 profitable products that you can sell on Amazon FBA for free or negligible investment.

  • Books

You can buy books in bulk at dirt cheap prices and then sell them over on Amazon. Paperbacks and hardcover books are still so much in demand, and books are something people will buy throughout the year.

  • Handmade stationery

If you are good at art and crafts, you can choose to sell your handcrafted goodies on Amazon FBA marketplace. These could be small décor items for the office and study space.

  • Handmade beauty products

If you already have your own small-scale skincare brand, you can list your products on Amazon FBA. It will not only increase visibility of your products, but also generate some extra income at no additional cost.

  • Décor items

If you run a shop that sells exclusive and unique décor items, you can choose to become a seller with Amazon FBA. This ensures that while you have a primary source of income from your own shop, you can also earn some extra bucks from Amazon without the hassles of handling packing and shipping products on your own.

  • Fitwear

If you want to sell clothing on Amazon, a good option would be to sell exercise clothing. This category has become quite popular nowadays.


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