Finding The Best Film Budgeting Software

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One of the essential tools of a filmmaker, especially if they are independent is a film budgeting software. Film budgeting software will allow a filmmaker to determine the costs and expenses of making a film more easily, so they can properly set a price to a film or a project.

Knowing the exact cost and break down of expenses is especially crucial if one is preparing a business plan. Here are two paid and free film budgeting software that you will surely need if you are into film making pc apps:

Studio Binder

Studio Binder’s free offering has a variety of features, some of which are only found in paid film budgeting softwares. Using the free tool, you can organize the creation of your movie, as well as its pre-production. The template can produce a sheet that can be used to look at the expenses break down.

Movie Magic Budgeting

Movie Magic Budgeting remains as the standard for the filmmaking industry for over 2 decades. This is because the software introduced many of the features that are sought after by film producers back when it was first released.

Because it was the standard in the industry, any work you create within this software can be shared easily to other filmmakers, production companies as well as producers. The software features training lessons for anyone who wants it, which is available free of charge.

Movie Magic Budgeting requires Java to be installed in your computer to run. When it comes to system requirements, it needs a 1ghz processor, Windows 8 or higher operating system, 1 gigabyte of ram, and 200 megabyte free drive space. It is also a little costly, with the price hovering at the $500 range. That price is worth the investment because it will make sure that your work will be compatible with other people in the film industry.


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