DIY SEO Tips to Boost High Google Rankings

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SEO rank tracker tools help businesses across the globe. They have proven records in delivering leads and awareness for your business. But these tools are also pricey and quite expensive. For small businesses, rank tracker tools are not prioritized. But did you know that there are DIY or Do it Your way SEO tips that you can do to get high Google rankings? This article will go through some of those tips to help you grow your business.

Know Your Competition

Look for businesses that offer the same products or services as your business. Sufficient information about these businesses are available on google. You can check their websites to compare your strengths with them. Additionally, you can go through some of the customers review, this allows you to do benchmark analysis.

Update Your Website

Since a lot of businesses use their websites to reach out to their customers, it is an opportunity for you to look for some keywords that they use in their sites that you can integrate and incorporate to your own websites. You can make a list of those words and choose the best and most commonly words associated to your competitors site and utilize them as a keyword tool.

Manage Your Daily Posts

It is important that you keep your website active and continuously interacting with possible and existing customers. Do not go with the traditional way of communicating with customers, you can add some creativity to attract and engage online people with your business.

Engage in Social Media Networks

Social media is an effective platform to introduce your business. You need to expand your network so you have an extensive market for your business. Keep your accounts active everyday and make sure you update people with posts about your business.

Sometimes, being competitive doesn’t require you to spend big amount of money to avail tools that will help your business stay in the market. Creativity and critical thinking are some of the natural and free tools you can use to get high ranking on Google.


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