Top Reasons Why Android Is The Better Choice For On-Demand App Development

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The smartphone industry is being dominated by two giant companies. Apple is the developer of the closed iOS operating system, while Google is developing and maintaining the open-source Android operating system. With mobile computing on the rise, on-demand apps for mobile is also growing. Many on-demand applications such as Grab, Uber, UberEats, Seamless, and more.

Out of the two main competitors, we can say that Android have an advantage to iOS when it comes to on-demand app development. Here’s why:

Android software requirements have more freedom

Android enjoys the benefit of freedom when it comes to publishing apps, and this means that developers can code their app as they wish. Apple, on the other hand, is very strict when it comes to submission of apps in its App Store, which may limit what developers can do.

Android has a large user base

Android has 88 percent market share internationally, compared to iOS’ 11.9 percent. Android also has more dominance in developing countries. Due to a large user base, more people will be downloading and using on-demand applications. This means more profit for on-demand applications because more people will install and use on-demand applications if they release on the Android market.

Android has two options for installing apps

Aside from Google Play, the official market place for Android, Android devices can also install apps through a process called sideloading. You only need an

apk télécharger from the internet and sideload it to your phone.

This gives app developers the freedom to publish app outside of the Google Play Store, bypassing the 30% income cut of Google and giving all profit to you. Meanwhile, Apple does not allow the installation of apps outside of its App Store because of its closed nature.



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