Man’s Hat, Choose Your Style

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A bull cap is an ordinary cap that we always see on men. Worn mostly by gentlemen, a bull cap became one of the simplest men fashion that came with their outfit. It never goes out of fashion.

A bull cap has this sporty fashion which is often seen in basketball and baseball leagues.

Men’s hats, however, is not limited to a bull cap style alone. Even men can showcase many different hat style.

Though men are not as fashionable as women, they would also like to flair some style when they wear their hats.

Which Hat Style Should Men Wear?

Newsboy Hats

For men, wearing hats should never be limited to bull caps alone, they can wear something like the newsboy hats. This style began way back in the 19th century and paving its way again in the millennial age.

Boater Hat

This one is a little old fashion and classic. It gives a touch of elegance and style for the man who wants to cruise on his own yacht.

The Beanie Hat

Beanie hat is a little laid back and pretty cool. Compared to the first two styles, this one is used during the winter season.

Beanie is made of wool and keeps you warm during cold weather.

It still gives that sense of style and can mix match your outfit. It is one of the casual hats you can use every day during the winter.

Bucket Hat

It is one of the revival hats that made a come back in the 90s. It’s made of cotton and would snuggly fit your head. Best worn with a semi-casual or casual outfit. It can bring out the masculine side of the man with this Bucket hat style.

Panama Hat

This one got some style. Who would ever forget the GodFather movie? They wore this type of hat in most of the scene. Panama Hat gives you that Godfather style. The fierce and bold characteristic yet flair with so much style and elegance.

Whatever style of hat you wear, it still belongs to your own fashion style. Your own particular description. Nobody can ever know what to wear best but you. For more ideas of other hat styles and design visit this website


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