Why Social Media Is Not Smart For Middle School Kids?

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In this article, we can see the seriousness of using social media by middle school kids. Nowadays, mostly middle school children are using social media applications than other peoples.

Many students start using social media by giving the fake date of birth:

Nowadays, more school going students are interested to use social media applications. On search engine, people mostly type and enter into social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. The middle school students use these sites by logging themselves into the application with the false age.

Easily gets addicted to the newly designed applications:

Lots of new applications are designed nowadays. This makes the students to get addicted to that application which spoils their studies and their behavior.

On social media kids see a distorted view of reality:

In the social media students see a new fake world with their friends. In that situation, there are not indirectly pressurized to keep with the current trends and styles. This completely spoils their future and tradition.

It makes their thinking to focus only on themselves:

During the middle school age, most students have a thought that the whole world is facing towards them and they start to judge themselves. This leads to the most dangerous situation such as depression, severe bullying, and finally, there is a chance to suicide.

It pushes students to the risky situation:

If they are using these social media applications in a bad way then it is for sure that their future is at risk.

These are the reasons that social media is not good for middle school children. But if they use them with parental care then they can gain new things to develop their general knowledge about the current affairs of the world.


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