Games and Activities to Start Young with Math

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Mathematics is one thing that people find difficult to study. This is the main reason why children should start young learning it. Parents have the main role in their child’s learning and they are the ones who start their child’s interest with learning Mathematics and other things.

Parents can promote Math with their young children through interaction and everyday exploring. Children are interested with a lot of things and if they are introduced to something, they will indulge to it. There are some activities and games that can help parents how to give their child a boost with Math. Here are some:

  1. Compare objects. Identify what are longer, heavier, shorter, etc.
  2. Play and describe shapes and objects.
  3. Describe the position of the objects such as outside, inside, north, top, opposite, behind, and so on.
  4. Extend patterns that are being encountered everyday .
  5. Use time-words to identify events and routines like days, weeks, months, seasons and occasions.
  6. Compare everyday occurrence and talk about the duration in the specific sequence.
  7. Repeat number sequence. Start with one to ten and eventually lead to twenty and above.
  8. Compare and describe collections using numbers.
  9. Play children’s card games that involves dice like snakes and ladders.
  10. Read them stories that represent the sequence of events.
  11. Walk your children in the park and have them observe the things around them.
  12. Talk shapes and sizes and have it compared to things around them, identifying what size and shape the objects are.
  13. Introduce them to lengths and measurements by using things that are found inside your house.

Nurture every child’s mathematical learning through everyday life. This will help them a lot while they grow up and not just indulge in situs togel online like most of the kids nowadays.


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