5 Surprising Realities of Gaming across the World

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It is certain that the world of BandarQ is a strange and amazing one. But, in some places, the bizarre gaming realities make this virtual world highly connected to the reality of the gamers.

Some of the realities of gaming from all over the world will shock you:

  • Jail time for hackers

Hackers are a pain for the other players s well as developers and the most other countries will do is to ban them. But if you are in China and you hack or cheat, there will be more than that in store for you. People who are caught cheating or hacking in China are sent to serve jail sentence in real life.

  • Tough times for gamers in Venezuela

Venezuela presently has very less money to spend on basic amenities, which makes it very difficult for them to maintain finances for their gaming. Due to the tumbling finances, video games are a luxury in the country and many people buy them from black markets.

  • Piracy is not a problem in Russia

Russia has a similar situation with pirated games and consoles as well, but it is not due to the finances of the country. Piracy has become almost a very common practice in the country and most of the gaming consoles and games that people play in the country are pirated.

  • Gaming curfews in South Korea

Most of the people in the country play games at public places on hourly basis. However, there is a curfew time for people under the age of 18 and they have to leave all gaming places after 6 pm.

  • Gaming options for North Koreans

Gamers in North Korea are not allowed to play most of the games that the other gamers of the world are playing. The country has developed certain games according to the legal restrictions of the country that remind the players at every step that North Korea is a dictatorship.


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