3 Fatal Mistakes Most Wrestlers Make

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Most of the beginner wrestlers tend to make 3 big mistakes while choosing weight class for high school wrestling. Is your teen master too interested in wrestling? It could be that he is an ardent fan of wrestling themed

BandarQ sessions and is looking forward to a bright future in the fighting arena. Well, that’s great but before that be careful of the typical mistakes the amateur wrestlers make.

Not choosing weight class closer to natural weight

Every aspiring wrestler wishes to be “that big man” on the arena whom everybody will look up to. Thus, everyone would prefer to be right at extreme high weight class to gain a superior competitive edge. But that can be a disaster at times. When you take a huge leap to lose out on some sizeable pounds, you possibly end up with more strain on your body. But, that’s not exactly reasonable as it will leave you with a stressed out body too fatigued to fight during the bouts. Rather, it’s advised to choose a reasonable weight class that complements your natural body weight. It will help you to save good amount of energy and stress so that you can experience stronger body and powerful fights.

No planning on getting to scratch weight prior to weight certs

Closer they get to pre-season, more wrestlers tend to aim for a drastic weight loss to attain cert weight. And they usually take an “old school” approach that’s not realistic. They tend to skip meals and spend longer hours on cardio. But even though all these lead to dramatic weight loss yet these also result in dramatic loss of energy and stamina.

One-size-fits-all weight class

It’s a common notion that a wrestler’s weight class will grow as he grows up. It’s true but the problem is many don’t understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach here. A lot of things have to be taken in mind to determine the increased weight class for a wrestler. These are maturity level, body composition, stature, personal preference and age.


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