Blogging Tools That Would Be Useful For Gaming Vloggers

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Online DominoQQ before used to be just for fun and competing for the top 1 rank in the game but now we can actually earn money from taking videos while playing, they are called as Gaming Vloggers. Yes, playing games is such a thrilling experience especially when it gets harder by the time you reach to certain levels we have seen a lot of YouTubers who are playing requested games from their subscribers or viewers and let them watch while they finish it.

An example is Pewdiepie with over 91 million subscribers and 160 million views for every video channel he has become one of the most influential and highest paid Youtuber. So if you’re planning to be just like them here are some tips for blogging tools on how to enormously improve your online game.

First you have to select your web hosting provider, if you will try to search the best ones they have listed some few and by their experiences on blogging they recommended GoDaddy, BlueHost and SiteGround. These sites will help you improve your blogs with unlimited themes to choose from and easy to use as well. The next thing you have to do is choose your visual design i.e you can choose graphic design tools from Canvas app to make more defined features on your videos or even blog posts, it is easy to use and it’s for free.

To have a lot of subscribers or followers is you have to do social media marketing, how will you do it? just simply know about Kicksta, it will help grow followers. Have you heard about email marketing? It spreads out commercial messages to group of people through emails, sending it to potential customers. You can check out the Sumo app it will help convert potential customers into “your own subscribers”.


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