Get Closer To Nature With The Grand Canyon Bus Tour From Las Vegas

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Do you want to get upfront with nature? Do beautiful sceneries leave you nostalgic? If you’re stressed and looking for an escape for a day then the Grand Canyon bus tour from Las Vegas from chicago motor coach is just for you.

The first place this bus takes you is the Hoover Dam which was once called Boulder Dam. This dam is located at the black Canyon near the Colorado River. The bridge on this dam is 1,905 feet which makes it the longest single arch bridge in America.

After Hoover Dam, you can visit the Lake Mead which is the largest artificial lake in America. This lake is 589 feet deep and runs 115 miles long. This lake is spread over 248 square miles and manages to supply water to a number of states such as California and Nevada.

After a peaceful stroll by the Lake Mead, your next stop is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is over 446kms long and 29kms wide. This piece of beauty was not created by man, but by God. The Grand Canyon is one of the 7 wonders of the world and the sight here is beyond what you can imagine. The most significant fact about this place is that this alone reveals about 40 percent of the entire earth’s history.

If snakes fascinate you, then the Grand Canyon is the best place for you to spot the pink rattlesnake. These snakes are common here and about one sixth of their population actually lives on the boundaries of the Grand Canyon national park.

Further if you’d like to know more about the Grand Canyon then you could watch the history of the Grand Canyon at the IMAX.

Later you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful river, sunset and peace you’ve been longing for. This natural location is carved so beautifully by the creator, you’ll leave behind all the stress you have and just live in the moment.


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