10 Ways To Use Cooking Spray

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10 Ways To Use Cooking Spray

Few years ago I was using cooking spray only for one reason: cooking without the fat.  

Cooking Spray Uses

My pantry was always stocked with original cooking spray, butter cooking spray and even cooking spray with flour for baking.

My very frugal friend told me of couple other ways to use cooking spray and save money.When someone says: SAVE MONEY”. I usually listen.

After that I did little research to see if I can use cooking spray in more ways and save more money.

10 Ways To Use Cooking Spray

10 tested and true ways to use cooking spray other then for cooking:

#1 Spray dog’s or cat’s dish before feeding – the cooking spray layer makes the dish easy to clean and gives your pet extra oil to keep their coat shiny and healthy.

#2 Spray lawn-mower blades before mowing the lawn – the oil from cooking spray will keep the grass from sticking to your blades and make them easy to clean.

#3 Clean soap scum – spray cooking spray on your shower door and walls. Give it about 5 minutes and wash it off with soapy water and dry it. The oil in cooking spray will dissolve the soap buildup and lime deposits.

#4 Spray skewers when grilling – next time when you are making kebabs spray the skewers with cooking spray so the meat slides right off instead of landing off your plate.

#5 Speed-dry nail polish – if you are in a hurry and can’t wait for your nail polish to dry forever little light spritz from cooking spray will do the trick.

10 Ways To Use Cooking Spray

#6 Grate cheese and veggies easily – you need to put some muscle into grating hard cheese and veggies. After you are done cleaning the grater is a pain. Next time just spray your grater with little bit of cooking spray and not only the grating will be easier, but the cleaning will be a snap.

#7 Fix squeaky bicycle chain – your kid’s bike has been sitting all winter long in a storage and spring is here and time to ride the bike. The chain is making awful screeching noises. Just lightly spray the chain, wipe off any excess and junior is ready to go.

#8 Always clean putty knife – my husbands used to spend lots of money on buying new putty knife for every project. Now I just spray his putty knife with cooking spray and after he’s done cleaning it never been easier.

#9 Keep mailbox door from freezing – outdoor community mailboxes have the tendency to freeze in a winter. To prevent your mailbox door from freezing shut in winter spray little cooking spray inside rim of your mailbox door and spray some cooking spray into the padlock to keep frost from forming.

10 Ways To Use Cooking Spray

#10 Remove paint and grease from your hands – Spray little bit of cooking spray on your hands, work it in well and rinse. Wash with soap and water.


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